Sunday, August 08, 2010

Turn Signals Are Working Again

After getting the handlebar wire harness done I called it a night. Today though I worked on the turn signals. Much to my surprise it went quicker and better than anything else electrical I've done on this bike. It would be superb if I could say I tracked down the short in the system after methodical testing and looking. It would make me seem the electrical master of motorcycle wiring problems by testing all the circuits, connections, wiring splices and so forth. But...alas ti's not the case. I found by simply beginning at the bulbs that one was burnt and two were missing. What happened to the missing two is surly a complete mystery to me. It's only one screw to remove the lense of each Captain America type lights I have, though I still have three of the original signals. These Captain type can also be used as brake lights and have two prong bulbs where as the original ones have one prong bulbs. Where did they go and who would have taken the time to replace the lenses on the left side?

It's a mystery to me but I'm happy they work again.

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