Friday, August 06, 2010

Handle Bar Wire Harness Came In

Alrighty. My handle bar wire harness came today and all the little solder joints are already done. SAAAAwwweeetttt. Hopefully I can find the time tomorrow to get going on that.

It's tomorrow and I have...success. The Clymer repair manual wasn't much help at all so I had to wing it and reason it through. (Note to self: Don't put off ordering a factory manual anylonger). The handle bar wire harness had all the switches attached so no soldering frustration there. What was the problem was trying to figure out how to get at the wires in the headlight bucket. There is a plastic retainer piece that holds the harness fast to the headlight bucket where it enters. I found that by using a small flat blade driver that if I inserted it from the inside between the harness and the clip, turned/twisted the driver to the right the clip snaps apart allowing removal of the wire harness from the headlight bucket. This was accomplished after a 24 oz bud ice, reading glasses and a small mag light. Splicing the wires from the new harness to the old was easy with the supplied connectors, which on later thought I would have used the bullet type connectors but oh well. Before I cut off the old harness I made sure to leave plenty of the old wire intact in case I ever need to go in and repair it sometime. I kept the old temporary switch setup I had made cause it might come in handy when I'm out somewhere besides it still has a good bit of wire on it for emergencies. I left a good six inches of the old to splice to the new wires. This left me with a good fudge factor.
Moving to the handle bar housing this was almost a piece of cake, after partaking in some more cold beverage, I consulted the Crappy clymer again to look at the wire diagram. I found out where the elusive from before red and orange wires go; they go to the front brakes lever brake switch. Forgot to test it to see if the brake light now works with the front lever. If not there is a new switch supplied in the kit. Got the right turn signal, starter button and on/off toggle switch mounted and once again, as with the old harness, there is a big wad of wire to be crammed into the housing. I was able to cram most of it into the back part of the housing instead of the housing part containing the rocker switch and buttons. Assembled it making sure not to pinch any wires this time like I did the old harness.
Gave her a test and everything that I tried worked as it should. Well, except the brake as I stated before because I forgot to check it. My right front turn signal works but not the back one and the left side turn signals still don't work. I hoping it's just some bad bulbs.
Now I can move on to that stinking advance unit but my indie stocks those so next week I ought to be delving into that. Sure I'll be bugging Willy more when that time comes.

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