Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Met Rob Sharpe, District Attorney Hopeful, last Night

Yea, I only went to the bike shop to order a new tire, petcock and speedometer hub gear. Myself and the "Fellows" were looking at the 1957 Pan sitting there almost ready to run from a basket full of parts it came in as. The carburetor is giving them fits. Hmmmm, I know what that feels like. Anyway here comes this suit and introduces himself as Rob Sharpe, passes us each a pen with his name on it, then tells us he's running for District Attorney. He's asking a lot of bike questions and wants to educate himself on what concerns us when it comes to legal issues pertaining to riding them. I go first explaining the "Right of way violation bill", somebody else brings up helmet laws and then...someone brings up the recent death of Anthony Satterfield who was killed by five time DUI offender Acie Moore and who had a current DUI case pending when he ran Mr. Satterfield down head on, shoving him and his motorcycle into another pickup truck that was traveling behind Mr. Satterfield and killed him. This case has many folks very, very upset with the system and Mr. Moore who was let out on a $3500 bond free to most likely be out driving drunk again until his trial date. There are many of us who think that Mr. Moore should be sitting behind "Jail Bars" and not "drinking bars" until trial date.

The death of Mr. Satterfield was caused by a man who obviously thinks, and has been thinking, that his driving while drunk is everyones elses problem and not his. A blatant disregard for human life and the law, and a miscarriage of justice to the the public at large for going easy on a five time DUI charged and convicted recepient. We all let Rob Sharpe know our feelings on this and he agrees. You know, that could have just as easily been a kid riding his bicycle on the road that day.

Mr. Sharpe listened intently and asked questions about the death and I thought I could detect in his demeanor and voice a somewhat angered response. He was professional and knew about the case. He, in my opinion, seemed fairly put out with the current status of DUI cases let off so easy. He wants to do something about such situations in our county to the point of being very adamant about it.

He also wants to make a stronger stand against abuse cases. He's pretty sick and tired of seeing defendants with deep pockets or deep pocketed friends getting off while those that are not so well connected get railroaded, with a weak case. He's strongly against all forms of domestic abuse and about the protection of abuse. Damn it makes me wish harder that there was a BACA chapter closer to home. With this man in office, on our side, I believe we could make some huge strides in my county to help protect the abused children in the area and give them a voice with courage.

Ohhh, and by the way, my parts should be here tomorrow and I felt good after speaking with Rob Sharpe. Who'd a thought buying parts for my Harley would bring me right up close with someone who could get things done around here.


KT Did said...

I'm glad you met Mr. Sharpe. Most DA's don't have the guts to go door to door. The only thing I would suggest is that you take a look at his past court records. What he has actually done and supported.

Willy D said...

Some of them are ‘real’ people. In the past two days I’ve had private conversations with a Mayor wan-a-be and City Council hopeful. Hell, if the SOB won’t talk with you, don’t vote for them. Sunday I’m going too a get-together with two Council opponents. One I’m going to support, the other I want to tell to kiss my ass.

WooleyBugger said...

Kt Did, I know some things he has done but more research is always a good thing, no.

Willy D,
I know a few coucil memeber's I'd like to tell to kiss my ass. Only a few minutes ago I was reading an email from Rob Sharpe back to me. After the election, win or lose, he'd like to sit down with me and discuss more about Motorcyclists concerns in the county. This will be a good thing if I can keep my foot in the door. (By the way, have you ever actually put your foot in the doorway to keep someone from closing it. My advice to you is be sure you have on hard sole boots and that you have your foot planted flat.)