Thursday, October 14, 2010

A New Tire Now?

Old Rat is coming along with getting more dependable I think. It took longer than it should have to put on the new petcock last night but it's done. The petcock is so close to the cylinder head with this Bob tank. The old tank valve, which I had scarfed off my other tank, was for a right side tank mount so the fuel line was pointed to the rear. So when I put it on this current gas tank the hose exited towards the front which made the fuel line come across my key switch. My new valve makes the hose go straight down but was right up against one of the cylinder fins. This meant unbolting the gas tank and adjusting it slightly for clearance issues. So now the fit is better and the fuel line is free to go under the switch before it goes between the cylinders. To keep the line off the cylinders I made my own wire fuel line guide, the one in the parts book was more than I was willing to shell out for one. It looks pretty good if I do say so myself.

My speedometer gear on the front wheel still has to go on. I'm hoping it goes on with no surprises because it seems anything I do to Rat that should be straight forward becomes a challenge of some sort. The gremlins just sit in the garage watching me and when it looks like an easy project they screw things up. It was that way with my custom seat fit from a newer model bike, but I figured it out. Same with this newer model Bob Tank I had put on. The good thing is that it is making the Rat and I become one.

My next main project is getting a new tire mounted this weekend. I could have just taken Rat to the shop and let them do it but it would have cost more. Besides, I can do this easy enough as in the past plus it will only cost me twenty bucks if I take just the wheel in. Add a new tube to that but still way cheaper doing it myself. A friend asked why I was getting a tire this late in the season. He said "Why get a tire now? Are you planning on riding this winter?" and I told him "Yep! I still plan on riding unless there is snow or ice." He said I was crazy and he puts his up when the temps are in the forties. I may not go on any long rides but when the itch hits me I'll go out for a short jaunt.

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