Saturday, November 20, 2010

Took A Little Trip To AAF Tank Museum

Shot Of Billy Ready to load up Da Bomb

Billy arrived right on schedule at nine this morning. The weather was brisk and I had put on my long handles in preperation for the ride. We sat down to have a cup of coffee and scarf down some little cinamon rolls I'd just warmed up. After a short sit around the kitchen table we decided to get the show on the road. The light bulb set against my oil tank had warmed the oil slightly and even so, Rat Bastard needed a little help from the battery charger to churn the workings to life: the oil was still to thick from cold. I knew last night that I should have drained the oil and brought it inside to keep it warm for the morning. Letting RB warm up Billy produces a set of Progressive air ride shocks for me to try out on my bike. It was damned nice of him and I can't wait to try them, they should make a big difference and should lower the back of the bike a little. I have a Mustang tank for him to use on his hardtail project.

Our Bikes before entering the Museum. I don't know why I didn't get a picture of the Bikes Rolling Thunder rode in on. Another Duh Uhh moment I guess.

Rat Bastard (RB) had no other trouble cranking over after the boost. Topping off my gas tank from the fuel cans I keep and a splash in Billy's bike to get him to the Shell station, we rode for the station where he topped his bike off. Hitting Hwy 62 North into Yanceyville where we picked up Hwy 86 North then merged onto Business Hwy 29 North to Danville Virginia shortly afterwards merging to rural 29 North. Billy took lead here and wouldn't you know it, we get off the bypass right in front of a Virginia cruiser and were stuck in slow traffic hitting every damn light for miles. The cruiser stayed right on our tails and a few times stopped just short of our fenders; Checking our tags no doubt.

These have been my favorite little Tanks since I was a young'n. Never thought I'd see one for real until my first visit here. This one was also used in Hollywood for a Laural & Hardy movie.

Finding nothing the Cruiser finally split off while shortly after we stopped at Burger King for a whiz then grabbed a bite. This BK had it's act together so we were sitting down to eat in short order. The AAF Tank Museum is just a scant mile or so from the BK and we pulled in the parking lot near a group of Rolling Thunder riders. But I didn't get any pictures of them but I did have a smoke. The hour plus ride hadn't chilled us to bad though it did leave me wanting to catch up on my nicotine habit.
We paid out the ten dollar a piece fee and checked our helmets at the counter. That was cool being able to check our stuff so we didn't have to lug it all around with us.

Billy getting ready to head back home.

Needless to say I know I enjoyed the day and Billy got a kick outta the place. Of course we'll have to go back because there is just no way to see it all in one trip. Hell, I've been there three times now and always see something I've missed or something new added. Time slips away easy there and it was three ten before we checked the time. So the decision was made to start heading for the door. We kept stopping to see new things before we finally made it out at three forty nine just before they close.
Hitting the road again with Billy in the lead, our bikes rolled back into North Carolina and we split off from each other at merging roads after a brief conversation on the shoulder. He went his way and I went mine Down that long lonesome highway. RB performed fantastic all day long and no parts fell off... me or the bike.


FLHX_Dave said...

Very cool. Glad you got out and that nothing fell off the bike.

I'm dying to go someplace. Life is getting really hard for some reason.

WooleyBugger said...

Nothing fell or the bike. My riding partner keeps saying the same thing. lmao

Life getting hard, whats up? Ride down here and we'll roll on somewhere.

chessie said...

I'm gonna make it there...hopefully in 2011!

RecycleBill said...

Had a blast! It was a great trip. By the way, I think I know the guy on the bomb.

WooleyBugger said...

Just give a holler and we'll be more than happy to meet you there. Never pass up on a visit to the museum. You might like to go in April for the big weapons and Tank demostrations.


We need to go back, I forgot to show you the restored Simplicity motorcycle in another room.

RecycleBill said...

There was a motorcycle and we missed it?

We're going back.