Monday, November 22, 2010

The Bottle Of Life

The bottle of life contains your whole life from beginning to end. The water in the bottle represents our time on earth. We are born with a full bottle of the sustaining liquid within. At an early age we take small sips from it with greatest of care but we soon begin to believe that the source of life is never ending and that we will live forever ~ the bottle full always for eternity. As we grow we tend to forget that each sip is a drink of life. Sometimes we are careless and spill some out with nary a thought about it's consequences.

There comes a point when we look at the bottle seeing it is less than full and we wonder where it all went. Did we drink of it wisely or simple waste it away with restless abandonment. Our anger makes the water boil away to steam released to the outer reaches of infinity, gone just like that as it burned those around us.

We worked hard at our jobs with some letting money take over their lives and all else be damned for the quest of the mighty dollar, spending precious to many hours worrying about things we have no control of instead of grabbing a hold of the things we can control...our relationships with others, living life and enjoying the simple things like a sunset; birds singing; children laughing; a hug; quiet time with a friend just feeling nature around us; looking skyward to see fluffy clouds or clear blue skies of heaven above. Appreciating the undying love of a pet who neither judges or ridicules yet only wishes to be by your side with no care of what your monetary worth or status is in the world.

Understanding hopefully at last that there is no magic spigot to refill the bottle and each drop we waste is a drop lost forever. We take inventory of out bottle full of water at some point and know it will not last forever. There are decisions to be made about the remaining level. What will you do with your remaining level in your bottle.

(Inspired by Birney Jarvis: 11/2010 who's motto is "Live before it's to late!"


RazorsEdge2112 said...

Wow. I like that one. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

FLHX_Dave said...

That was awesome bro! I feel exactly the same way...that's why I'm so poor I can't even pay attention. But I don't know of anyone who is richer than I in other ways.

Good, good.

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