Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Google TV Looking Good

I don't know about you but is looking like a very smart move. Here in North Carolina, as happens every year, cable t.v is going up yet again. What a racket it is. Used to be that cable was a great alternative to regular programming because there were no commercials and that was a large piece of the appeal. However, anymore you pay through the nose for cable; find out they cut out certain channels at a whim; then load up the lower price range of service with infomercial channels and more news channels then you could ever watch or need. Plus the fact that just trying to watch a show is frustrating in that every five minutes of show is interrupted with commercial after commercial that you forget what is was you were even watching. The commercials take up more minutes of the show hour than the shows do anymore. It's so frustrating that we find ourselves cutting the thing off. And they show so many commercials in a row that you forget what was even being advertised with sensory overload.

I didn't get cable so I could be hit with and pay for a barrage of commercials every five minutes, did you? I got cable years ago to avoid commercials as that was the big draw. Paying close to a hundred dollars for basic cable is ludicrous when the channels are making profits from so many commercials, that by the way get longer and longer, and then charge us to watch these commercials. I had an idea this was coming when it was thrust upon us the move to digital television from analog television. Radio is going the same way and fast.

Well this price increase you can read about here will give you insight to the higher than cost of living cable increase. I have often heard that the Carolina's are used as a testing arena before sticking it to other parts of the country. Well know what? We don't watch that much television any longer because of points I've already mentioned above. The rates will go in affect on December third and my new years resolution will soon follow. I'll sign on to google tv to watch what I want and keep using also.

No way are we going to pay over and beyond what we are now which is roughly $114 per month for basic cable and basic roadrunner. That is $1368 a year to much just to watch commercials and two shows per day already and an increase of $5 for basic cable and $3 for basic roadrunner takes us to $1464 a year. I think Netflix and my local book store will be seeing a whole lot more of me next year. Besides, the idiot box has been robbing me to much of my life anyway. Let's ride.

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