Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I Have A Simple Question For The Postal Service

When did the SERVICE part of Postal service become inactive? Use to be that you could go to the post office after hours and buy stamps in a coin operated stamp dispensing machine, stick them on the letter, mail a letter and be on your way in five minutes or less. Problem is there are NO stamp machines in them any more. All this electronic crap is for the birds. Put the envelope on the do it yourself machine scales, play twenty questions then find out you still can't purchase a fricken stamp. They make it harder for us and want to charge us more for the service that has no SERVICE.
I've been to three, count them, three post offices tonight just trying to buy some GOD DAMN stamps to mail a letter. Burning up several dollars of gas in the process in which the driving time was forty five minutes and I still couldn't mail my letter.

Oh to let you know, I voted down the 1/4 % local tax increase request at the polls tonight as well. I haven't seen much progress coming from the other tax increases in my state. They tax us for one reason but spend it on something else entirely and it never goes where it is supposed to go.

It has become the American way you know. Reduce service and convenience and charge more for doing less.

Alright, off my soap box...for now. Good Day.


FLHX_Dave said...

I worry that the USPS will be going away. That is not a good thing as far as I am concerned.

Electronic age is a double edge sword.

Willy D said...

What do you except from an originations whose motto is ‘Yesterday I couldn’t spell Govment Empoie, today I are one’.

WooleyBugger said...

FLHX Dave,
There has been talk hasn't there.

Willy D,
Use be crakin me up der. Oh Dat minds me, gotsta go down da screet ter git sum smokes.

Doug said...

Agreed on all counts!

Twice recently I've used the computer kiosk at P.O. to mail a small package. Used their scale, their little machine, and still got the package returned a day later with "Insufficient postage" written on it. IT WAS THEIR ^%$^% machine that calculated the postage!

And then there's the mail I periodically get for some guy who lives over a mile away because his house number is the same as mine. Not the street name, just the house number. Grrr.