Saturday, November 06, 2010

Adults Who Act Like Children

Now I can't prove this yet, but I have a really, really good idea of who. Not long ago someone in my house had words with a neighbor who would walk their large breed dog and would let the dog take big craps in our yard. This someone in my house, further know simply as Simh, caught the dog walker and told them to clean up the mess, this pissed off the dog walker. After that, the same dog was running loose while the dog walkers wife did nothing and laughed it off and the dog attacked another neighbors dog, who is contained with a hidden fence, while the owner said she couldn't control said dog. The big dog picked up the little dog in it's mouth and was shaking it and at the same time dragged the little dog over the hidden fence wire which kept giving the little dog bad jolts of electric shock while being chewed upon at the same time. So Simh had words again. ( This is one reason hidden fences are not good, Your animal is contained yet trapped if an attacking animal should come in your yard)So now this dog walker turns to walking the dog at night. But I can't prove anything but Simh found a huge dog pile tonight right in the middle of our drive way strategically placed where someone would step in it in the dark, this is the second time and the first time nothing was thought about it. Now two and two is adding up (See the humor in the pun there?)In all my years I have never ever seen an animal take a dump in a driveway or on a side walk or even steps. Our other neighbors will be keeping a watch.

Fun thought: I'd love to have a Poop Run with twenty or so riders at my place who are dirty nasty mean looking bikers. Everyone shows up with a bag of dog Poop and
to deposit in the Dog walkers driveway. A Poop run hahahaha, it cracks me up.

Good Pooping


Willy D said...

I like Raisin Bran. It’s got ‘two’ scoops. (Of rabbit turds.)

Get a big ol’ Tomcat with lots of battle scars. He’ll deal with the a-hole.

WooleyBugger said...

It's been confirmed who the culprit is as he was seen tonight letting his dog crap in the far corner of the yard. Simh watched and walked down when he left to find numerous pilings. I have a new camera to figure how to use. Maybe I'll post up a big picture on the web.