Sunday, November 07, 2010

New Polaroid 12.o Digital Camera

My wife got me this truly nice camera today after months of my hinting for one. I'm just now reading up on all it can do and it can do a lot. It even has smile detection. No really it does. This function allows the camera to scan a group and will automatically lock onto a smile in a block on the screen, zero in and capture them from the crowd of frowns.
The zoom is wild. At first we thought the zoom was limited but upon scanning the CD directions I found it has adjustable settings. I can set it to infinity and it will zoom in on the farthest thing away. It can also do extreme closeups so a Nat's ass puckering should be something fun to see. When you down load the pictures the zoom can do amazing things. My son was helping me learn some of the simpler stuff to at least get some shots, one test picture we did has a photo in the back ground on a table and we were able to zoom in on it after down load. Awesome.

Then there is the video mode that I want to try out but I'll need another memory card for that. Movies take up a ton of memory so a dedicated card should be used. This thing has so many functions and it will take awhile to learn all this stuff.

The first digital camera I've used is my sons we got him last year. Always before we either had one of the simple Instamatic point, click, advance film ones or the more complicated exchangeable lens types that you could burn up a ton of film and have nothing good. So needless to say we have not had a camera for some time. All this digital stuff is taxing on my old grey matter but the fudge factor is much better. Shoot, the instruction manual is eighty or so pages and on a CD.

This camera will do all the things those older expensive manually operated ones will do and so much more. And, it all fits in a shirt pocket as it is the size of a pack of smokes.


Willy D said...

I don’t care. I’m sticking with my Brownie!

WooleyBugger said...

I prefer my old pin hole camera, the first of the throw aways.

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