Friday, November 26, 2010

Kohler 16.5 Carburetor Cleaning

(Part 2)

Float; needle valve and pin.

An after shot of being in machine only twenty minutes. It calls for forty five.

Before shot of cleaning in machine

A whole shot of carb after cleaning in machine only twenty minutes. It calls for forty five.

A nasty dirty before shot of carb

The machine did a number on cleaning up all the dirt and grunge. It also restored the carburetor body to like new finish condition ~ great for restoration ~ I might add. Other older methods of cleaning using chemicals can get the body cleaner but not make the unit look like it did when new. The machine also gets into the smallest areas that traditional methods won't get into with just soaking. Other than removing the float bowl; needle; and float pin (Jets if equipped but not here because this unit uses an electric fuel solenoid) the carburetor needs no further dis assembly. After taking out of machine all that's needed is blowing dry. No worries about chemical spillage or disposal.

Boiling a carburetor with vinegar cleans well but still involves dis assembly and a close watch during process and mostly gets the outside body cleaner looking. Then there is the need to rinse it all off.
If using cleaning solvents to soak a carburetor you have to remove everything otherwise rubber parts and gaskets will be ruined. You have to be careful about the soaking time then rinse everything off and reassemble. O rings/seals and the like will expand or turn to gooey mush when soaking in solvent cleaners to long, as the rubber soaks longer it absorbs the solvent causing permanant expansion depending on type of rubber chemical makeup.
That does not happen here with my machine; rubber parts like the accelerator pump boot on a Bendix came out looking new again. In the machine a higher temperature may cause temporary heat expansion of a rubber seal as it does when on a running engine but will return to normal after cool down.

Part 3 coming next

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