Thursday, December 02, 2010

10 year Old Zahra Baker On My Mind

Yesterday morning I heard the news reports confirming some of what this little cancer survivor had gone through at home. I was so appalled before being moved to tears on my way to work then to great anger. This should not have happened; why would her own father and step mother do this to their child? How could it be this little girl lived in terror especially during the last moments of her life? She had been raped by two friends of the family reports say; then she was killed - It's not been released as of when or how yet - then dismembered in the homes tub and scattered across two sites in Caldwell County North Carolina. The step mother, Elisa Baker, led authorities to the areas where remains were found. Elisa had reports made to DSS about her biological children in 1999 and that Catawba County DSS had reports of abuse by Elisa against Zahra for black eyes.

When I look at her picture my eyes well up with tears and my throat has a huge lump making it hard to swallow. I question God about why he could let this child suffer like this at the hands of cruel parents. She survived cancer and was an amputee as a result of the disease, a fighter she was and then to be subjected to cruelty by the very persons she is supposed to find safety; compassion; guidance; reassurance; understanding and most of all love.

This is why I wish a B.A.C.A chapter would move to my county, to bring scumbags like Zahra's parents to justice before another child has to go through life suffering at the hands of their "Parents and family or friends" like this. We and Catawba DSS all failed this young child and I can't help but wonder how many more we are failing this very minute. Google her name "Zahra Baker" and take in the angelic face we all failed to protect. There were red flags all over and the system failed Zahra miserably.


Big Daddy said...

There is a chapter of B.A.C.A in your state it is in Burlington President – Shaggie
If your serious..Give them a shout.
Tell them Caveman sent ya.

WooleyBugger said...

Are you for real, in Burlington? The only one I've been able to locate was in Raliegh.

I'll shoot him an email in just a sec. Thanks.

WooleyBugger said...

Sent msg Big Daddy.