Friday, December 03, 2010

Mount Airy NC Trip Postponed Due to Possible Snow

Looks like we'll be heading a different way this weekend. Billy's got some other great places we can ride to so hang on. It'll be in the thirties but hey, no need to be wimping if we can find some other good destination to our liking. Shouldn't be to hard cause hell - we'll ride most anywhere just to ride.

UPDATE: Ride called on the count of snow.

I was up at seven this morning, slipped on a heavy robe over my flannel PJ's then went out to the garage to turn on the ceramic heater to warm Rat Bastards oil tank and lower end. Back in the house I grabbed a cup of Java and a cigarette before flipping on the TV to see the weather. Hmm, it didn't look to promising for a ride today. I gave Billy a call and we both had the same idea, call off the ride to the North Carolina Air Museum more than an hour away.
It's a good thing we did as it began snowing earlier than predicted, a lot earlier in fact. My best guess is we would have been stranded, while not a long way from home but far enough to be riding motorcycles on snow covered pavement. For me this time it would have been thirty minutes - in good weather - farther than Billy would have to ride to get home.

Even so, I had RB all warmed up ready to go somewhere close such as the old 1800's Baynes store to pick up some real honest to betsy Hoop cheese. This old place is out in the country smack dab in the Apex of a very tight curve. I was surprised at how easy RB fired off this morning in thirty degree weather. Actually old RB seemed to excel in this cold most likely due to preheating the oil and bottom end. Layering up and hopping on I hit the road and was back in twenty minutes. The temperature drops pretty fast when doing fifty five and my face got cold - no face cover, only goggles - and my fingers on my right hand so numb. The rest of me was toasty but these gloves don't get it in the wind so mental note is to get some better gloves as these just don't cut it in highway wind at thirty degrees. I wonder what my wind chill was out there on the road.

Billy and I have already scoped out some roads for spring out of Mount Airy North Carolina. We are planning to head to The Andy Griffith museum, hit the scenic road from there then catch the blue ridge parkway. We will camp at the camp grounds on the parkway. I can't wait for this and hopefully Brother Karl will be back from his three year overseas time and ride with us.

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