Saturday, January 22, 2011

 Rat Bastard Gets Some New Rubbers
( Updated)
I was finally able to catch Pete at his shop Thursday Night. I had ordered these a week before Christmas when Billy and I dropped off his frame to get the hard tail section welded on. After four trips out to retrieve the foot rest covers I finally caught him in the shop, burning the midnight oil, along with some helpers feverishly working on three bikes at the same time. Although winter season is here and most shops are having a slow time of it, Pete's shop is hopping. These covers aren't OEM and I'd dare say if they were the price would be much higher. But they're rubber so how bad could after market ones be? I'm happy with them and can't wait to get them put on. It's been to danged cold to do much and after working on my sons car, well, I've had enough of being frozen for a few days.

So hopefully in a not to long time they will be happily under my feet cruising down the back roads. My left peg cover is only still with me because I did some electrical tape wrapping to hold in in place for a little more usage time. The right one however suffered a fate of slipping off somewhere on the road, Billy thinks he knows where as it came flying past him and bouncing off into the weeds.

Alright folks, today I was able to go out and put on Rat Bastards new rubbers. My son was about to do some prep work to his cars aircleaner so I took a moment to get these on before giving him a hand. All it took was some cleaning of the metal of the foot rest so they would slide on much easier over the barbs. Then after taking in the new smell of the covers - can't resist the smell of a new part, it's like Christmas - they were positioned so the mold parting lines are fore and aft, then with my rubber mallet they were driven home. The whole process was quick and easy, easier than anything that's needed to be done to old RB. Now I notice that her toe shift peg looks mighty out of place with  the new additions. Something else for the list of spruce up goodies. This was such a nice little project that changed the whole appearance down there. It is also noted that the brake switch and spring need a thorough cleaning as the new foot rest rubber makes that section look like...well, crap now. A good spray of engine cleaner degreaser should make short work of that, of course, when there is a warmer day as I know that will only lead   to something else needing a sprucing up. Some tender loving care with a nylon scrub brush soaked in cleaner should work quite nicely I should think. It seems that all the small touches make RB happier. The rear passenger pegs hopefully will look much better with a dousing of Armour all to shine them up. Over at Hippy Killers site (located in the side bar) he has these retro cool foot rests with the metal flake urethane just like our old Shwinns handle bar grips had. I digg the heck out of the look and they're a change from the norm today. If you go to Hippy Killers Garage, click on any of the side bar pictures and it will take you to his store.                                                                                                                                                                                          


FLHX_Dave said...

Whooohooooo! I just spent all day performing an exorcism on Tramp. Video to follow.

I wrapped my pipes with that asbestos, fiberglass turned out ok but my lady hates the way it looks. It's alot harder than it looks.

I'm having a ton of fun messin' with the Tramp. Looks like you are having just as much fun. Aftermarket stuff is ok in my book...except for chrome parts. After market chrome seems to flake and peel a week after you get it bolted on. I have to say that HD chrome kicks the crap out of anything aftermarket...but thats about it.

Billy Jones said...

They're certainly a lot better than duct tape... I was just noticing that Nothin' Special (The name I gave my baby) is beginning to show some wear on one of her rubbers.

FLHX_Dave, As for chrome, it's been years and years but I used to get great plating from Brown's in Kentucky and Sanford Plating in Sanford, NC. Don't know if it's true but years ago I heard that Brown's did OEM plating for H-D. I know Brown's has been in business for 30 plus years as it's been that long since I first used them.

I'm not sure if Sanford is still in business and I wouldn't carry anything to Guilford Plating on Church Street in Greensboro.

FLHX_Dave said...

Thanks Billy!

WooleyBugger said...

Dave, I for one never much liked that pipe wrap stuff, hell, it even looks terrible on an old banged up dinged up rusty ass Rat bike. Your Lady has better taste than you alright.

Yeppers, I've been having some fun, got the carb dialed in so next time I go to pass I won't be spittering and spluttering with Billy trying to keep from running up my arse.

Sure enough do Billy, thanks. It doesn't look like I'll be having to worry about bopping you with another footpeg cover coming off next time we ride. I'll try to remember to fill up this time.

Word Verify: bodsmat. I guess that's what happens when ya loose a part on the road and your partner gets smacked with it.