Monday, January 24, 2011

Bring Back The Hummer Size Motorcycles.Why Aren't They Thinking?

My friend Billy sparked my thoughts on this over at his blog. So I had to put in my thoughts here.
He even put a link to which I'd never heard of before. They have a 300cc Twin Barhog that shows a 65 mpg fuel economy, 65mpg! And at an affordable price range of around $5000. Of course I need to learn more about them, but damn.
So you know, when I was with GarageChoppers I did an article back then about all the New craze "Bike Builders" out there and how long they would last. None of them would even consider marketing a smaller displacement engine motorcycle. We even put the question to the readers, we all new the days were numbered. These guys weren't in it for the long haul because if they had a been they would have looked to where the money would be and what the masses wanted and could afford. Nobody stepped up to make a model T for the regular Joes. It wasn't long before the Bike Builders began dropping like flies as all of them were cloning with after Market V-Twins that everyone else was using. Even the Indian in the not to distant past - before being reborn again, again - was using a knock off H-D version S&S engine and we at the magazine were pffttt on that. We wondered why Indian didn't take there own historical design, tear it apart and bring it back with innards upgrades, they've done that now. But, they ignored the smaller displacement bikes to. Harley had a good thing with the Hummers (Wonder why H-D Never sued over the Hummer Name. Hmmm.)
but they dropped the line instead of developing it further. Most people aren't going to tour on a huge motorcycle but rather use it around town and close to home so why wouldn't a smaller displacement bike go over well. Times have changed and since a lot of Motorcycle MFG's won't build what the majority of people are looking for in this down turned economy of ours, they are going out and buying scooters. Don't you think those big upturned nosed executives could see the light to turn a profit? Nah, most of those upper echelon motorcycle executives never even get out and mingle with the customers to see where the market might be getting hot. They know what we want even without conversing with we little people, commoners if you will, who buy their wares and keep them afloat.  If they had had foresight, all these smaller scooters and Japanese motorcycle manufacturers wouldn't be stomping butt right now.


FLHX_Dave said...

Everyone is on a search to be somebody. That is the problem. I think this is a great post and you hit on alot of things that could bring the motorcycle back to the commuters fore thoughts. Then maybe my bike wouldn't be considered a luxury item.

Big Daddy said...

How about a smaller displacement V-Twin hummer....get the kids hooked on that sound..albiet a little tinny.

WooleyBugger said...

Dave your sure right, everyone wants to be somebody. Nothing wrong in that, Our bikes were originally meant to be alternative transportation plus more affordable than a car. The prices began going up on them and now many cost more than a car. You must admit that many, many of those Bandwagon Chopper builders had no knowledge of a motorcycle but they did see a short lived cash cow.

Big Daddy, now your talking. Something with a very simple reliable design and as easy to wrench on as a Lawnmower.

Billy Jones said...

Things will change but sadly it will be the Chinese who spur the changes.