Friday, January 28, 2011

Sleep Showering? Really!
Okay, so here I am in the back mudroom entry smoking a cigarette, it's 12:45 in the a.m. It's peaceful and quiet while I am in thought about who knows what when my son startles me by opening the door. I turn and he's standing there with his towel and clothes in his hands wearing a goofy look.



"I just slept walked a shower."

"Ummm, what?"

"I just took a shower in my sleep."

"Are you sure you actually took a shower?"

"Feel my hair, it's all wet, my towel is wet and..."

I rub his head. Yep it's wet alright no doubt about it. So I mess with him.

"Are you sure your not dreaming now talking to me about taking a sleep walking shower?"

Puzzled look on his face.  "No Dad, I'm awake now."

"Oh. Well when did you realize it?"

"When I came into your room and you weren't in bed. I looked at the clock then thought, why is my hair wet and I'm standing here holding my clothes and towel."

"Strange. You've slept walked before but never a shower."

"I'm going back to bed. Holy shit!"

"Good nite."


FLHX_Dave said...

bwahahahaha! That was awesome. It's stuff like that, that makes life a wonderous thing. A good moment for sure. That was a moment that had so many things going for it I can take the time to list them.

thanks for the laugh...and the rest of it.

KT Did said...

A precious moment to remember. My nephew, 7 years, sleep walks. We have to board up stairs at night when sleeps over. He likes to walk like a soldier when he is in that trance and he doesn't remember a thing the next day.

Baron's Life said...

Sleep shower is a new one on me. Interesting and precious moment