Sunday, May 22, 2011

Little Ride To Hyco Lake North Carolina

Billy and I made a little excursion up to Hyco Lake today. We stopped in at the Warm Waters Restaurant & Bar which is right beside the lake after crossing over the bridge. A bit pricey if you ask me. We had an eight inch pizza, an order of jalapeno poppers and two sweet teas. Sweet Tea! Yep, we don't drink and ride and we still had to make our way home at some point.  While the eats were good it had a tab of $21.20 for the two of us, yikes. There is this cool little fifties era hamburger/hotdog stand I had planned on us stopping at but it was closed.

 Billy looking on as more riders arrive (across the road heading up the hill two inexperienced riders had just left. Yep, blasted car got in the hocking way) in small groups.
      Parking was getting crowded a little so you had to grab what cha could.
 Dern cars blocking my views. People kept riding in and out so quick I had little time to set up for good shots. (Poor excuse but it's all I got)
 Kinda sorta picture of the lake cove and pier. I sure picked a bad spot to park for photo ops eh.
 Another group finds a spot to be outta the way of vehicles pulling through with boats in tow.
                   Billy watching more riders depart while more arrive. A Brite red Triumph 900 Thruxton pulled in and we made a bee line for it to check it out. First time I'd seen one up close and personal. Beautiful machine I must admit. Chatting with the owner for a few minutes while he told us about it, Billy's seen them before, and I was enjoying the look over. Forgot to take some pictures AGAIN.

It was a nice day for a ride. I needed it because right now at this time last year I was in Alabama spending the last days with my birth mother before her passing on memorial day. We were there for two weeks and I didn't even realise it was Memorial day week that week. She's been on my mind pretty much since Mothers day. Her last words to me haunt me, good words not bad but they've left me with regret.
But Billy was there with me today and it made things a ton better.

On the way up we got on the speed a couple of times just to ummm, blow out the carbon. Both bikes stumbled at the same brief moment then Rat Bastard spat out black puffs of smoke then we both took off like wound springs releasing. My bike always loads up after to long at thirty five miles an hour.
 Later on I learned Billy's Nuthin Special made his speedometer into junk. Weirdest thing I've seen in a while. The face was spinning around under the glass, two itty screws had disappeared somewhere in the bowels of the unit and the speedometer indicator needle had broken off leaving just the middle part. The whole thing was just all misconbobulated lunch meat.

When we left we took a short cut through the area to get us back to hwy 119 as before. Pretty roads and scenery plus crossing over the lake twice more. No run ins with animals but I took my share of butterflies bees and whatever else winged critters were flying about in the old mug. I'm thinking full face helmet and Billy is telling me small windshield. Windshield would be much cooler. The largest thing we passed by was a Deer carcase which had several Buzzards dining heartedly with just a hint of aroma wafting through the air.
Last thing, I keep wanting to stop for photo's and real hoop cheese at Baynes country store, which has been around from the 1800's, and the one room school house for Billy to see, but even though I plan on stopping at these places, I'm enjoying the ride so much I just want to push on and enjoy the road.

We'll hit those places next time for sure, I swear, really, we'll stop. 

I'm counting down the weeks and days until Our Blistered Bottom Ride and camp out. I'm sure going to enjoy the down time.

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