Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lost and Found, Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper

Easyrider, the term easy rider has meant different things over the years, in this case it's about a couple of free living souls on Motorcycles in search of America. It was the sixties man, dig it.

Over time I searched the net all over for more information on the movie like I have Vanishing point. Easy Rider though still holds something in me and every now and again I watch the movie, I have it on CD. How often have I dreamt of riding across country like this, though without the rednecks gunning for me or the big scale drug deal, how many of you have done the same? You can watch the movie just for fun or watch it more for the loosely knitted message Fonda is trying to evoke. Freedom isn't free, it comes with sacrifice and disillusion, good times and bad. You have to fight to be yourselves, to be different is a scary hard thing to accomplish. Depending on what mood I'm in I can get different meanings from the flick. This movie puts the Motorcycles as characters as well as the actors with a lot of good time riding scenes. Many movies after it tried to capture the feeling but had the motorcycles more in the background rather than in the forefront. The actors would act with the bikes in the background or a hint there were motorcycles around. Until the two Panheads were stolen in Easyrider they were right there in the scene playing their parts. This movie puts you right there in it on the motorcycles with little dialog just as when we ride deep in thought or just enjoying being. Most of the movie is done raw off the cuff on the fly with no real direction, and that is what makes it seem more realistic.
I like Wildhogs too which mimics some of the Easyrider film if you watch close enough. But I especially like the ending when Fonda rides up then when he rides off, almost, almost as the ghost of Captain America, or Wyatt as it were, still searching for what is still not found and with the same wisdom of and for the road. The survivor riding on without Billy still looking for America.

As already stated, Over time I've searched for more information on EasyRider. I found it then lost it. Now I have found it again only a few weeks ago and I think you'll find this site interesting as I have. So without further temporary adieu, I present to you. Mr Zip 66


ellopez said...

wow. what a great link. being a map freak, i may never leave this site. thanks a lot...

WooleyBugger said...


It is a great site and I'm glad you dig it too. Now that I found it again I keep going back to it myself. Enjoy.

FLHX_Dave said...

Hey! We'z gonna do this! I went over to Mr. Zipps. He has a pretty good hole there. thanks for the pointer!!! Good stuff...or should I say, "groovy man."

WooleyBugger said...

It's groovy and hip man. Glad your diggin it too.