Friday, July 15, 2011

Flat Wooley Caffines up at Rollick's Specialty Coffee

Flat Wooley has taken up with another and is on the move. Before heading out he caffined up at Rollick's Specialty Coffee and Internet in historic Oldtown Salinas, Ca where he said it was by far the best he'd ever had. Unlike those stuffed shirt places, Rollick's welcomes down to earth bikers and regular Joe's and the conversations are anything but stale. Flat says " Stop on in and have a cup, tell em Flat sent cha."


mq01 said...

damn!...craving a chai with soy!... (and yes they have that there too)

KT Did said...

I second those comments! It was truely the best coffee. VD fixed me a cup of hot fresh and I have been craving some more ever since. Its a must stop and the town is so cute!