Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saddle Bag Repair (Fiberglass and ABS)

 Fiberglass Lid before. Notice gaping speaker hole.
 Fiberglass lid after. Big ugly hole is gone.
 Fiberglass lid before. Chipped edge.
 Fiberglass lid after. Chipped edge gone.

 Don't trash your whole bag because the lid is broken or the bag is damaged; send it to us and we'll fix er right up. We can repair the Fiberglass units or the Plastic units.

ABS Plastic Saddle bag

 ABS plastic Saddle bag was broken in two.
 Repaired ABS Saddle Bag repaired and back in service.

Sportster Model Solo Luggage racks

These are nice and flat, unlike many others out there, so you can actually use them. These are made for Sportsters but could easily be adapted to other motorcycles as well.


Billy Jones said...

I've got a new design in my head.

VAZZU10 said...

Hi i wonder if you can tell me the ñame and brand of the solo luggage rack and where I can buy one...
Please is important for me