Saturday, July 16, 2011

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We now have stickers and bumper stickers available to help spread the word.  We are also in need of sponsors for support, local and abroad. Visit the site for contact information, and if your company sells anti-theft products for motorcycles, consider purchasing space with us. We can't do it alone, individually it's frustrating to lose your motorcycle and takes more legwork than law enforcement can handle, but with a collective effort we can make a difference in stolen motorcycle recovery.

Blog about on your forums and to other bloggers. Currently we have only four motorcycles listed out of the thousands stolen every year. According to NICB, there is a motorcycle stolen every 8.3 minutes in the United States. For some reason it seem to be a secret as to numbers of motorcycles stolen in the last few months, the latest I found, 2008 with 60,673 motorcycles stolen. What does that do with numbers like that? It makes the problem of getting word out on yours even more dreadful. If you want the information you have to pay for it and that just seems wrong. Searching for information takes time, lots of time, and getting it into the system wastes valuable time and it overwhelms Police Departments and other agencies. That's where comes in. Just as soon as the Police Department makes out the report, instead of waiting days, weeks or months to get it in the system you log on with the information from the report and viola, it's out there faster.
We're working on new ideas to help law enforcement, insurance companies, news media and you to get the information in quicker and across the nation.


FLHX_Dave said... link on my site was broken so this update fixed it. Keep on!!!

WooleyBugger said...

Alrighty, and we will, with any luck more people will link to it and get the word around.

mq01 said...

oh, well ok then :) i can do that... :)

WooleyBugger said...

Your a Peach.