Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Ripped Off, The Tire Center Of Burlington NC

Will never use this place again for any type of service. My son took his car in last week for brakes and they broke his driver window, not the glass but the mechanism. He picked up the car and before leaving the lot discovered the window would not work. They had forced it up after knocking it off the track. He went back in and they were rude and tried to deny it. He went round and round with them, then after getting home my wife called and they tried to tell her it was already broken. I got home and found out so I called, same run around.
My wife called the next day and spoke to the owner and he was bilegerant to her and refused to fix the the window. 

Now my son had bought tires there earlier this year and they screwed that up by throwing away the take off tire that was to be the spare. After he went back they did put a tire on the rim but it doeas not match the other tires. That being said, this time his brakes squealed and rattled after the brake job. He took it to another shop today and they found, though there were new pads and shoes, the front pads did not have the lubrican't on them, several pad clips not installed and the rotors had not been turned. After the new shop addressed these problems the car now stops on a dime.

We're finding out others have had similar problems with the Tire center and the Better business gives them an F rating.

$200 for shoddy brake work, broken window and abusive speech to a customer when a problem is found means no more money from this three vehicle household. Their service manager , Jose, did tell me they would look at the window but if it was broken we would have to pay and have it fixed. Needless to say, my stand was they needed to address the problem and fix the window at no charge to my son. Of course, all this went no where. My son had told them that yes he had a problem before replacing all the window felts lat winter in the car and has had no problem since. He drives the car every day and rolls the window down because of the heat so it has been working fine up until the Tire Center 508 South Church Street , Burlington NC 27215, 336-226-0206 got a hold of it.
My sons question was why did they roll down his window when they were supposed to be working on the brakes then try to hide the fact they screwed it up. Had they just admitted the problem right off , instead of trying to hide it, this whole thing could have been avoided and they would have got a lot more of our business. Not now, not ever again bub.      


Billy Jones said...

That sucks!

Raftnn said...

I hate this sought of thing, as a business owner I go out of my way when a mistake is made to look after my clients. Whats his numbe I will call him collect from new zealand and tell him how business is supposed to be done....

WooleyBugger said...

Billy, Yep it does but they won't be enjoying anymore of our money.


I love it! Give them a call, the number is on the post right after the address.