Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Sigh Of Relief

Finally got a little ride in today. The threat of thunder storms and showers be damned, I needed to ride. As is usual the case with me, once I get riding and find that groove it's hard pressed to stop and get pictures. These are on Osmond Road near Hyco Lake in North Carolina.  It is a little cut through between Hwy 119 and Kelly Brewer road. Most times, as today, there is very little if any traffic on this stretch so you can meander across the bridge of one of the coves taking me sweet time to look across the water. Heading towards the bridge, after turning onto Osmond from Hwy 119, at first you pass a hidden pond as you begin up the grade. The road climbs through forest, levels off then down slightly as you continue. Several sweeping gentle turns and then you begin a steep downward curving decent towards the bridge at the bottom. Take your time getting across and just at the other end you climb back up to where it once again levels out with only a slight upwards climb. Almost to the end of the road is this huge old Oak Tree. This is where I like to take a break under the shade. Only thing that stinks about this spot is some people have dumped trash here. Not much yet but there is the old television, what looked like the remains of a wooden canoe and assorted other mess.

 This would be such a nice spot to place a picnic table or two and maybe a small shelter for motorcycle and bicycle riders to catch a break. Of course a couple of trash cans to. I think I'll make a little sign and claim it as "Wooleys Rest" and see how many riders seek it out. I want to go back with my truck and clear out the trash, wonder how the owner would feel about my doing that.
 Ya know, I bet that if as little as four other riders and I showed up to clear the trash we could have it all done in an hour. I'd even spring for lunch at the nearby Hyco Lake Restuarant. The Hyco Lake campground is only a few miles from this location on Kelly Brewer road. This area is a rich haven for both Bicyclists and Motorcycle riders as well. This picture is looking north from "Wooleys Rest" spot on Osmond road towards Kelly Brewer rd.
 This picture is looking south towards Hwy 119 from "Wooleys Rest" spot on Osmond road. Only moments before I was chugging around that curve enjoying the scenic wooded ride. It was at this point I breathed a huge sigh of relief from the previous hell weeks at work. It came on all of a sudden, just this falling away of stress that flowed from me and on to the asphalt and over all calming effect. All my senses just relaxed.
It's a nice spot to enjoy a cool beverage and wave at the two bicycle riders, one scooter rider and lone motorcycle that cruised past. The only other traffic was a car and an SUV all just taking their time. I was a little reluctant to stop at the home at the end of Osmond of which I'm sure owns this property. I am hoping/thinking that if I cleaned it up the owner would see it as a good will gesture and allow it to be a resting spot. Anything to shed good light on the motorcycling community is a win win don't you think.


Billy Jones said...

Dude, I have got to take you where I went today. We were on the lines where TN., NC, and VA come together and the property belongs to my cousin and her husband.

I'm not sure we can get the bikes up the mile long rock driveway but lots of great riding nearby.

WooleyBugger said...

Sounds like a good run. How large are the rocks? Camping in the area?