Sunday, August 21, 2011

SCORE! Great Oil, Cheap Price.

 Old RB (Rat Bastard) deserved an oil change today. Thanks to Billy I scored a whole case of Rev Tech HD 20W50 oil for twenty greenbacks a couple of weeks ago off of craigslist. That means along with one of the extra oil filters that came with RB it only cost me $5.01 for the oil change. I can use the same oil in my tranny to.
 Old as the hills nasty old oil filter. I know it's bad and this oil filter has been needing to be replaced for some time.
 Brand new old never opened til now HD oil filter.
 It was so old the directions where beginning to crumble apart.
New oil filter installed in the cleaned canister. I dropped it in the tank after adding the fresh oil. Some people put the filter in first then add the oil, that is a pain in the butt. Some soak the filter in fresh oil while doing the rest of the change but to me that's just to messy. When I crank RB up next time it will spit some of the old oil left in the lines out of the tube at the bottom end I know as these old Ironhead Sportsters do.


Billy Jones said...

Changed mine the other day. Glad you got the deal. I'm going to get in a little riding this week.

Trobairitz said...

Good score on the oil. It's nice to do some much needed maintenance and to be able to do it on the cheap too.