Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Ironhead Sportster Starter Drive Pinion Gear

 The clutch cover came off without a hitch after draining most of the oil.
 Though htis picture isn't the best you can see how clean it all was in there. After closer inspection it is pretty evident the engine had been gone through before I got it. At least the bottom end was.
 This is a shot (top of picture) of the starter pinion gear that is causing my grief.
 Looking at it in the bike it looks not bad, but moving it with my fingers it wobbles all around like crazy. So it's no wonder now what's going on. When the starter tries to engage, this pinion has so much play that the gear on the clutch basket just throws it a bouncing ball of sorts.
Other than removing the clutch cover the only items to come off the bike were the left foot peg and she shifter arm. That and a few cover screws. Getting the shifter arm off requires removing two bolts then taking a large flat blade screwdriver, tapping into the slot to open same (not a lot, just enough to slide off the shaft. The foot peg takes a bit more. Remove the one bolt and then from the other side insert a long rod or crow bar against the peg arm at the bolt location and keep tapping until it pops off the other side.
Hopefully tomorrow I can get that pinion gear off and out. 


Webster World said...

It look as if all the teeth are warn?

WooleyBugger said...

They might be a little, they are spiraled teeth sort of like rifle ling in a gun barrel...sorta. But do you notice anything else?

Billy Jones said...

I did!