Monday, September 05, 2011

Ironhead Sportster Ignition Short, Now Starter Gear Problem

 See this little gem right here above, evidently I crushed when reassembling the handle bar controls. This caused a short as this is one of the wires to my engine stop switch.
 This is the engine stop toggle switch and even though it is in the run position the short made it like the stop position. Not a whole lot of room in the electrical area for the wires. I got that fixed only to find what appears to be the gear on the starter itself, or worse, the starter gear inside the engine cases has worn teeth so there is no meshing of the starter gears. 
The solenoid (#13) pushes out on the plunger (#11) which pushes against the shifter lever (#25) which then pushes the drive gear (#23) into contact with the gear on the end of the starter itself (#30). So either #23 is worn or the starter gear is worn. I'm afraid that it is the drive gear and that means going in the cases and I don't remember if this gear is hidden behind the clutch basket or not. If it is, that's going to be a pain in the assssss.
Spent three days trying to appease Rat Bastard with long hours and it only looks like more money and time still awaits. I'm more mellowed out now or just plain tired. I wish those damn motorcycle gremlins would go hassle somebody else for awhile. 

Recon this gives me more Ironhead repair blogging material for y'all. So be prepared for more cursing in the near future.

(Every solution causes another problem) that's my phrase and you can quote me on that. lol. T-shirts and stickers if you want them.

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