Sunday, October 30, 2011

How Bernie Madoff and His Ponzi Scheme relates to today.
We put our trust in people like this for our financial well being and get taken to the cleaners. It mystifies me how highly educated people can continue to buy into the smoke and mirrors presented to us by slick talking and fancy numbers working suit and ties as this. Our own Government is ripe with more like Mr. Madoff and slick talking while smiling and suckering the masses with drivel. Even the SEC was sucked in and fell flat on their faces even though they were given a road map to the schemes. How many more are being paid off to look the other way? Madoff even stats here that taking the human being out of the equation solves the regulatory problems. He also states that he tried hiring mathematicians from MIT but they were always thinking to much so that didn't work out.
What he's really saying is that he was afraid the MIT graduates might have found him out; And with people thinking and asking questions makes for dangerous practices. Therefor, you take the human beings and keep them in the dark as to what it is your really doing so if and when they do find out, well, it's to late. Keep the masses removed from the equation but keep milking them of all their wealth to bust the middle class while feeding them lies and deceptions while smiling and telling them everything is alright. If they question anything, laugh at them and belittle them in front of others to shame them from thinking for themselves. If they won't shut up, call in the Nazi patrols to beat, arrest, shoot peaceful protesters then to terrorize them into silence.

So with open minds, think about what I've said above then watch the Madoff video below. Then I ask you to click on the occupy greensboro link, or google occupy (insert your city here) and check them out. I think you may see how these issues are related and how the upper crust thinks. Most Media would have you think that the Occupy Wall Street participants are all low life scum, hippies, druggies, losers etc as Media tries to discredit people who are plain fed up and speaking out against the unjust in our country.


Arizona Harley Dude said...

Recently I had the opportunity to visit Bisbee, Arizona. Across from where I was having dinner a group was in the city square with a sign saying Occupie Bisbee. My Food Stamps bought the pie.

Yes, there are problems in the U.S. Yes, Congress is a huge part of the problem. Yes, corporate greed is involved to an extent. But, it occurs to me the folks who work, pay taxes, and are suffering are not those in the square.

Those working to pay the bills don't have time to stand with signs and Bitch about what they aren't getting for free.

Occupy, whatever city, isn't those who understand it takes hard work to make it in todays world. The protesters are waiting for Obama to give them something. It is going to be a long wait.

WooleyBugger said...

With all due respect, I think a lot of those people that are unemployed is not of their own doing. Many are probably taking a vacation to be there and are voicing the disgust many of us have at the situation over here and tired of bogus bailouts, tax breaks to companies and plain old deceit by those we intrust. Hard working folks are out of work by no fault of their own while CEO's take huge sums of bailout monies and walk away rich while the companies and banks fail, our leaders spend us into the huge debt we have while cutting funding for Police, Fire and education. Has any one congressman taken a pay cut? No. But the working class is expected to tighten our already to tight belts so they can spens, spend, spend. It's proven you can't fix the problem by throwing money at it and especially to those who created this problem in the first place. Another brokerage firm just folded Monday and can't account for millions it illegally took from investers and share holders. People are rising up and it's making those at the top nervous as hell as it should. The squeaky wheel is beginning to rumble and the driver best begin taking notice. The American revolution began much like this, did it not?