Tuesday, November 01, 2011

War Veteran and Protester Scott Olsen Brain Damaged By Oakland PoliceSo this is how Cities treat unarmed protesters, by illegal use of teargas, batons and rubber bullets and why? All for speaking your mind and standing up against the system. You know,in these gatherings could very well be relatives and kids of promenant Government officials as well.


Here's the You tube Video of Scott being attacked by Oakland Police. (The chanting is nerve racking) Take note how they lob another teargas canister at Scott while on the ground injured and others coming to his aid. The Police, just stand there watching and do nothing even though right there seeing an obviously injured person at their feet. Absolutely disgusting and wan tin disregard for human life by the very ones sworn to protect us from such actions. More disgusting, the fact that they knew Scott was a War veteran who put his life on the line for his country and they shoot him in the head with teargas.


mq01 said...

we're trying to get the major thrown out now. right before this "occupy" protest started up across the country the police chief of oakland resigned because of this mayor. his public resignation statement included that he was completely accountable and yet had no power authority or support from the mayor. so how could he really be accountable?, he had no power support... grrr! this oakland mayor has really GOT to go.

WooleyBugger said...

Somethig needs to be done, those Oakland Officers are out of control aren't they. I wonder if the Civilian Revue board can toss Mayors out on their behinds too.

mq01 said...

ya. its a catch 22 out here. the cops are touchy/edgy cause of the nasty shit they deal with regularly, and the hooligans come out whenever given an opportunity, then add a complete moron new mayor who ok'ed PD action, now add port of oakland traffic blocked by temp fencing put up by hooligans during a violent night, and truckers that are driving thru said fencing (as would i), blah blah blah.

its bad. oakland is prone for violence. very sad and scary shit.