Saturday, November 05, 2011

Bad Fuel or Omen?

Last week Billy and I tried to go for a ride, Rat Bastard decided to be a pain in the ass. I had drained all the bad fuel I could get out that we got in the Mountains and put in fresh the previous weekend. I'm sure about a quart or so of the bad fuel was still in the tank as mounted on the bike it just wouldn't all flow out. I rode about eighty miles with fresh fuel but almost home RB tried to cut off then ran fine the rest of the way.
 But last week RB was a pain in the ass to crank, though it was cold outside, and it shouldn't have been that hard.  I had gone out to warm RB up to be ready when Billy arrived but the bike wasn't having any of that. Drained fuel filter and line, almost fired off. Tried again, almost fired off, tried again, battery got weak. So, put it on the charger, hooked up the heater to pre warm the engine and oil tank and it was noon.  Hungry we grabbed a bite to eat and came back, RB fired off.

We head out and our bikes are both runnin great. All of a sudden RB acts like it's running out of gas. We pull off in the grass, look things over, smoke a cig then RB just fires off fine. I'm getting tired of this mess and turn up the wick several times with no problems so we begin to proceed but just as I'm feeling confident RB sputters again. We head back to my place, me aggravated.

Is it still fuel related as some of the non burnable fuel was still in the tank? That bad fuel barely even had a gas smell to it and looked like water, plus you could see seperation from fuel in the in line glass filter when it sat over night. That crap wouldn't burn at all. But then there are the tales of bikes that wouldn't run or caused momentary stalls and an accident happened up the road where the rider would have been had the bike kept running. Such as an over turned dump truck or a Semi log hauler losing its load. Could RB simply been saving my ass? 


Willy D said...

If you can see the stuff separating in the filter I’d say you need to stop being such a tight-ass and spend more than 25cents a gallon from the guy down the street.

WooleyBugger said...

It's shell gas and I'm not a tight ass, and I'll have you know I paid 37cents per gallon for the five year old drum full. I call that "thrifty"