Thursday, November 03, 2011

Judge Beats his Daughter 

This Judge, who presides over child abuse cases no less, beats his own daughter who has cerebal palsey.
This man is a piece of shit. This is not a simple spanking, this is a beating and the mother is no better. Without this video I bet everyone, as so often happens, would not believe because he is a Judge and so called pillar of society, respected by community leaders and the community at large. What do you think he would do to parents in his court room after viewing a video like this? 


Webster World said...

I'd of givin him a pass until he came back in. I believe in the rod...but with some tack. When the mother left it should have been over. She may be a hard child to handle but come on enough is enough.

mq01 said...

i'll have to take your word for it, i cant watch.

Lady R said...

Hmmmmmm... this is a very delicate matter, discipline with spankings that is.
I too, would get my share of spankings with a belt (or sometimes those flat little boards that have "mommy's helping hand" painted on them) but we were always told why and how many. It was usually only 2 or 3 licks, and maybe 4 or 5 for the really bad offenses (which weren't that many). Trust me... when you see that belt or board hanging from a hook in the kitchen, it's a constant reminder that punishment WILL be handed out for misbehavior. It only takes a couple lessons for a kid to get the message.
Having said all that... my daddy never strapped me my across my legs or head area, that is where things are crossing the line. We had asses for that! Other than a crack upside the head with his hand, (usually at the dinner table! lol!) he never took his punishments to the abuse level. At least in my opinion.
I really feel like this is where a lot of things have gone wrong with today's youth. They don't fear their parents any more. You have to instill just enough fear, to maintain control. It IS possible to do this with love, you just have to know the limits.
I think this video shows his anger getting the best of him and he went over the limits.
I agree with Webster in that, if he'd have left it alone after the first couple attempts of hitting her backside, even though strapping her in the legs and head would have made me come unglued on him, he made his point... now drop it. But he didn't.
So this is where I have to agree with Wooley, that he turned into a piece of shit... real quick!

Like I said... a fine delicate line. Be careful not to cross it!

Webster World said...

Your right Lady R. My middle son is one of them. 36 and still difiant. At 16 I saw him swing at his mother. I nailed him with 2 to the head. "I'll call the police you can't hit me!" I pull him to the phone "I" dial 911 and hand it to him. Cop shows right up. Long story short I did not go to jail.

Rhonda said...

I'm not against spanking, I've spanked all my kids but in a very controlled way. I was spanked, but also in a controlled way. This was certainly out of control. this is only a snap shot of their parenting and I have no idea how they are most of the time, but it broke my heart to see this.