Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Christmas Story

My all time favorite Christmas movie is A Christmas Story. Ya know the one with the Parker's, Mom, the old man, Ralphie and Randy. You can win a night in the house to live "the dream" and one day I'm going to get up there for a visit. Want to visit the museum of movie artifacts across the street too.
Years ago my wife and son gave me the video - remember VHS and vcrs'? - and I've watched it so much that it plum wore out two years ago. It got that after I'd watched it, I don't know, twenty times in a day, they'd be "Oh dad, not again! Can we please watch something else?" I'd just give them that look and hit rewind. I enjoyed looking in the back ground for things you'd miss just watching the characters. Checking out the ornaments on the tree and the food boxes on the shelf in the kitchen, things like that. But then the day came when the tape was not going to play any longer. I could almost feel "Mom Parker" with her arm on my shoulder and wiping my tears and snotty sniveling nose. The old man was sitting with his face in his hands greiving with me with tears rolling down his face...and Randy was Laughing that hog snort way of his whilst Ralphie looked for his broken glasses.

(Special note of observation: If you watch the movie and remember the huge crate the lamp comes in, take a good loook at the crate wording and what the crate signifies. It's a funny inside joke of sorts. Let me know if you get it.)

I think my wife and son could hear taps playing as I buried it, the video,  in the back yard. That was a very bleak day for me.

Anyways, Check out the site and have a very Merry Christmas.