Saturday, December 17, 2011

New Engine For The 1974 Nova

Here is the old Chevy Frankenstein motor removed. It has 305, 307, 350 and 400 models all in one. Obviously seen better days. The distributor won't even come out, the bottom end is shot and thumped until oil pressure would build up. It had so many oil leaks that the Exxon Valdez looked like a single drop  

 Three months later and $4000 lighter in the wallet it's ready to roll out from the garage like a newborn baby. Larry King, who builds race engines for a living, went the extra mile to make sure everything looked great under the hood. Bead blasting and de-rusting all the brackets, nuts bolts, exhaust manifolds plus steam cleaning all the crud from the engine compartment.  
 Brand new Chevy 350, horse power a secret to keep momma from worrying to much. It's a sleeper. A wolf in sheeps clothing sort of deal.
 We need to clean surface rust off the new brake booster a master cylinder and paint. It came raw unpainted. Perhaps a good scrub on the alternator too. Ever hear Mad Maxs' Interceptor at idle in the first movie while waiting for the night rider escaped con at begining, before he gets the blown Car? That's what this sounds like.
Larry on the left and my son on the right. Both these guys acting like school kids with this project. Larry worked long and hard to make sure it's right. My son worked long and hard to earn the cash to pay for all this himself. Working and going to school all at the same time, and, keeping his grades in the A's and B's plus playing guitar. He's already got more funds saving up towards paint, interior and changing the drum rear brakes out for discs to have four wheel disc brakes.


Gary France said...

Don’t you just love seeing a new motor in an old car? It is as if an old man has been given a new heart and is ready to do just about anything again.

Billy Jones said...

Now on to fix the brakes! See you in a few!

WooleyBugger said...

Gary, sure do. And, that old car will be set for many more fun miles now. All the money so far has gone to the drivetrain and brakes.

Billy, thanks for fixing those brakes mentioned above.

Billy Jones said...

Now if we could just sell Dustoy on Full Moon hubcaps