Sunday, March 25, 2012

Don't be So Stupid

So your invited - let's say - to a party, you only know two people there but it should be fun. So many people are there talking, mingling, laughing and out of the blue someone you never met before, never seen walks up to talk. It begins innocent enough. When the night is over you think about the fun time you had and then it hits you, some of the people you didn't even know have all kinds of information on you. During the conversation that was skillfully directed without your knowing it, you told them all about you. Your habits, your cars, where your wife hides her jewelry, when and where and how long you vacation. You also told them about all the cool guns you have and where they are hidden in the home plus how you secure them, you spoke of your kids and what they are like, what they do, where they hang out. Then talk went to electronic devices and how much you paid for them all, what they are even the brands. They asked what you and your wife do for work and you laid it all out for them too. Now talk of your home, where it is, the little problems that need addressing, like the front door with the iffy locke you have not fixed yet.
A few weeks later you return from vacation and find you've been cleaned out, your identity stolen and all those nice things you had hidden are gone. But you wouldn't really do that now would you?, Give virtual strangers all this information about yourselves... Would you?

This is what we do when we facebook, that's why I'm not doing facebook much anymore and why? Because to much information about our private lives is being given away for free by ourselves without thinking and they do whatever they want with information you thought was safe. I don't care about how many numbers of facebook friends I can accumulate, most are not friends and who knows what they do with the information. 


Trobairitz said...

I am inclined to agree with you. I have slowly pared down my facebook friends to a few locals that I know and ride with and can trust as well as a few family members.

I would agree that facebook shares too much info therefore I don't have any personal info on there anymore such as employer, schools attended, favorites, etc. I don't think we have as much control over our info as they'd like us to believe.

Billy Jones said...

For myself, Facebook is a promotional tool-- nothing more. And twitter is a spam machine.

Willy D said...

Big Brother is watching you! Now that you spilled the beans you can expect a visit from a black helicopter.

WooleyBugger said...

Another problem with this facebook thing getting way, way out of hand is employers and employees. Businesses are beginning to require a person to have facebook or linkidin for applying and working. This is too much. Employers have no business knowing about your personal life outside of work. None of their business who your friends are or your extended family. This is invasion of privacy. You can lose your job simply for the actions or sayings of others on facebook. Whats next, employers requirment that they can listen in on ALL your conversations on your cell phone and home phones or have access to your email accounts and personal computers? There are laws in place to protect us from such bull and facebook is making it easy for others to break these laws.