Monday, April 02, 2012

CMC a Motorcycle Co OpOpening soon in Burlington North Carolina is CMC ( Carolina Motorcycle Co-op) and we hope you will join us in this endeavor. What it is is explained in this link
 Carolina Motorcycle Coop  and is an idea who's time has come. Motorcycle co op's are crossing the country in small waves, soon to be huge waves to fill the need for riders to work on their bikes, get help working on their bikes and getting to know their bikes with all the tools you need to get the job done. We'll have some initial growing pains to contend with we know. This is perfect for those who have little knowledge, a lot of knowledge and all those in between and those who don't have every single tool to get the job done. Perfect also for those apartment dwellers and home owners who simply have no place to work on their motorcycles. Just think, a place to be wrenching out of the weather all four seasons and to have needed help over the tough rough spots we all find ourselves at some time or another while working on our bikes. This is a safe place to leave your bike when working on it and in the event you want to sell it, well we do that to with an on site/on call notary so no hassle trying to find a bank open or a dealership when that weekend after hours buyer comes along.
If you have an older bike that shops don't want to mess with, we do that, if you don't want to work on it, don't have the time but need some maintenance done, we do that for an affordable rate. A co op has collective knowledge and that's the key to making it all work. Open to men and women of all ages.


Willy D said...

There’s one of these down by LA someplace. Dave & I were planning on checking it out a few years ago. Guess that’s why they’re called ‘plans’. You may never do it, or you might.

WooleyBugger said...

Willy D,
My Pop calls it "procrastination" and he should know, he's a founding member of P.I.S.S - Procrastinators International Secret Society - formed in Atlanta Georgia.
If ya ever DO get there let us know about it.