Thursday, April 05, 2012

Nazareth Hair of the Dog

Some of my best early fun playing Bass of these songs with friends. Good times.


Trobairitz said...

Thanks for sharing that Wooley.

I love Nazareth. I had their Greatest Hits on cassette tape back in high school and listened to it repeatedly.

(yes I am old enough to remember cassette's and 8-tracks too)

I even bought it on CD too so I can still listen.

Billy Jones said...

cassette's and 8-tracks?

I remember 45s, 33 and 1/3rd and 78s.


Great use of the Jews Harp there.

Willy D said...

That’s why I’ve got a tape deck on my bike. I’ve got a lot of old tapes.

mq01 said...

ah, i needed that...