Monday, April 30, 2012

Motorcycle Co operative moving ahead

Yep, Billy, Steve and I are moving right along with our Motorcycle Co-op in Burlington North Carolina. If your near by we hope you'll come see us and learn what we are all about. We'll be the perfect place for those of you touring on your motorcycles too. Here you'll have the secure space with tools available for repairs or simple oil change and maintenance while on your trip. Just a block up from us is a little town within a town that has nice dining and shops for you to peruse after you've done your oil change or while you have us do it for you. There may even be a place for you to place your tent or a bunk room, but I have to check with Steve and Billy to be sure on that. Amtrak is near by as are banks, the post office, gas stations, antique stores and the Restored Paramount Theatre which has plays and concerts as well as restaurants and many other things to see and do. For parts we don't have there are Motorcycle dealers near by and some indie shops as well. They'll have a backlog of work but you won't need to worry about waiting for days because you can change your own oil or make a repair, or one of us, will be helping you so you won't be at the mercy of the backlogged Dealer.  

Read more about the Motorcycle coop here:

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