Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Pet Peeve On Scooters
Okay, I'm not knocking scooters by any means. What my pet peeve is about them is the majority of them do over twenty five miles per hour. Why is that a problem? The problem is that a moped type vehicle, which a scooter is not, is that to be able to comply & ride without insurance or a license it can't exceed 49cc's and has a top speed of twenty five miles per hour and have pedals. A scooter by certain brands have 49cc engines but they have top speeds of much more than twenty five. So what's the problem, whats my gripe? These scooter riders, many of them, ride with no license, tags or insurance and plenty of them don't obey traffic laws as if they are on a bicycle. Even bicycle riders have to obey the same rules of the road. I see these idiots riding all over with helmets unbuckleld, feet hanging down beside them instead of up on the floor boards or pegs, carrying large packages in their laps or on the floor that sticks way out on both sides of scooter. They ride without lights, don't use turn signals or proper hand signals and the list goes on.

It er ks me to have to pay insurance, tags and license to legally be on the roads but these scooter riders pay nothing. You know, if they are going to be allowed to continue riding these scooters then they should have to carry insurance and be tagged. I spoke with a former officer about this and she told me of the ticket she wrote a man on a moped going forty on a slight uphill grade. He said she couldn't write him a ticket for riding with no insurance, license or tags. She replied that he was going over the speed limit to qualify as a moped to qualify as a moped to be excluded can not exceed top speed of twenty five on a flat level surface, and that he was exceeding that going up hill. In court the ticket stood and the man had to pay his fines and court costs. 


Trobairitz said...

We live in a college town, lots of scooters in these parts. And in Oregon I don't think they need a motorcycle endorsement for 49cc and under. Helmets are required though.

Bicycles are supposed to adhere to the same rules of the roads as motor vehicles but a goodly portion of them don't seem to be doing that around here.

Willy D said...

Blow the horn right on their ass, scare the crap out of them and watch them drop it.

Billy Jones said...

I don't mind the fact that they speed but the thing that gripes my ass is when they and bicycle riders split lanes at the light then hinder the flow of traffic forcing the rest of us to pass them time and time again.

I've been thinking about putting low mounted school bus stop arms on my car and pickup to use when I go downtown. I could wire them to my brake-light switch to pop out every time I brake. "But Officer, I swear that was on my car when I bought it. I thought it was a factory option."

WooleyBugger said...


49cc and under don't need the endorsement unless they can exceed 25 miles per hour. So I'm fine with those but I still believe that being they are operated on the roads they should still be made to have legal tags and carry insurance. Without those they have not payed highway usage tax the rest of us pay.

Willy D,
I might try that.

Or you can have door that open whenever you stop.

KT Did said...

I have two scooters. Both 150cc. CA M1 is needed to ride them. My opinion is all motorized scoots, etc. can be dangerous, but a lot of peeps ride them like mini bikes, etc. In the least, insurance should be mandatory.