Friday, June 22, 2012

It's Summer OfficiallyHere it is summer once again. Time to get out and ride, camp, take pictures, ride some more. Last year at this time a group of us were on our 1st annual Blistered Bottom Ride. Right about now we were on the hi way between here and there and somewheres else looking for that back road turn off to where we really wanted to be tracking along. I was going to write about it this year, as we Bloggers sometimes do these things, for the 2nd annual BBR. This year though the trip has been postponed for various reasons beyond any ones control. I guess I could fake it as so many in media tend to do these days by making shituff up - shit and stuff - but I can't do that personally.
The past few months I have even thought of giving up the writing, ya know, putting keyboard and monitor to rest as it were. So many good blogs I used to peruse have not been updated in a long time or have just stopped completely. A couple of the writers of blogs have left this earth to ride the cloud hi-ways like John at crazyuncle.blogspot and Jeff of Electra glide in blue and silly as it may sound, I worry about the bloggers I visit when they have not posted in awhile. They are friends from distant places just as my friends who live much closer by.
I would hope that someday soon all of those moto bloggers who are in our little circle could meet on some middle state somewhere for a long weekend ride and camp adventure. But then as I worry, you might discover you will like these folks to much like the extended family members you never get enough time with.

Yes, I try to put the blogging to rest but honestly I'm addicted. Sure, I can go a little while without it but then I get the urge and need a fix bad. That's when I get on here and put up my little blurbs. Sometimes I get goofy ideas when I'm not blogging/writing for a time such as the coffee book idea "Riderswrites." The name sounds like one thing but is actually something else 'eh, something else is actually a book put together from moto bloggers own picked stories over the year and a pic to go with each. Maybe with the four seasons as sections.
I had talked with the woman at the Office supply place about making these and it's no problem. Not something to sell mind you, just something for each person to keep for the years when our blogs are long gone and maybe future relatives might find amusing.

This post is all over the place, much like any great riders, err. I mean writers mind. Ride to blog, blog to ride. 

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