Friday, June 22, 2012

Wooleys Absurd Thought Of The Day Caution, there may be additions
I was only wondering how many vacationers this year after having their relaxing, unwinding, forget your troubles, recharge your batteries with trips they really can't afford credit card vacations will wind up in the hospital when the bill comes.
Uncanny isn't it, my wandering insightful thoughts at times. I wonder if there is ever a blog called, "Wisdom of a poor man" will the pretending rich read it for reality checks and tips on how to live within your means. Nah, probably not. Not when their motto is "Live for today, file bankruptcy tomorrow."


Trobairitz said...

Good points there Wooley. I prefer live for today, pay for today. We don't carry a credit card balance and don't plan too.

Mortgage and car/bike payments are all that is allowed

A good friend commented once that we lived well and did it within our means. I thought that was the nicest compliment he could have given us.

It does make you wonder how long it takes people to pay off some trips or are they rich enough it didn't make a dent?

Willy D said...

What’s so absurd about that? Cash is still king in my book. If I don’t have the cash in my pocket to cover gas & food, and any breakdown short of blowing a engine, I ain’t going. A engine might delay me a day or two and I might have to use Plastic Cash, but I only go on vacations my bike can go on. No trains, boats, planes or any of those sissy-ass cars.

Just think sleeping bag and the dollar menu.

WooleyBugger said...


Like you, we pay mostly with cash. It took us several years to get out of CCard debt and we like it.
Unlike cash, credit cards make it to easy to over spend and not give it a second thought. With cash we know our limits and don't have to worry about fees, late charges or payment dates. We plan our seldom vacations on on the cheap but fun aspect.

Cash is king. I can get in and out of a store faster with cash unless I get stuck behind somebody using a credit card. These people slow things up at the gas stations and stores, passing the card through, waiting for verification, entering the pin numbers again and again, more waiting then after forever getting the receipt.
The only plastic I have is debitcard plastic and it works just as well.