Saturday, June 16, 2012

Installing New Motorcycle Drive Chain.
Part One

 First, get one of these, mfg your preference, like I did for fathers day. This chain came with the new master link. Some mfgs' do not include a new master link, it is sold extra. Don't be fooled into thinking that new chain is prelubed just because it is slippery when you take it from the package. That is not chain lube, that is a special protectant applied for staving off rust for shipping and for long term storage while on the shelf only.
 This shows you the type, size and  length.
 Soak that new chain in some SAE 80W-90 Gear oil (again, your choice here). 
 I use old ani-freeze jugs like this one for soaking a chain. Lay it on the side and cut out around the label along the front and two sides. In this way you leave a lid so you can close it up while the chain soaks. When your done you can unscrew the cap and easily pour the gear oil back into it's original bottle for future use. No fuss, no muss clean up.
Lay the chain in the anti-freeze jug. Put a zip tie, aka cable tie, through the end of the chain for easy extraction when done soaking. A 32oz bottle of gear lube will completely submerge the chain for soaking.

(Blogger would only let me upload five pictures so I'm having to break this post up into seperate parts)


Trobairitz said...

Now that looks like a project in the works.

WooleyBugger said...


It was enjoyable and I was not pushed for time. It did take longer than expected due to having to cleanup the space, dig out the floor jack but I was having fun and time escaped me.