Sunday, June 17, 2012

Installing Motorcycle Drive Chain
Part two

 Soak the chain in the SAE 80W-90 Gear oil. As already mentioned, the 32 oz bottle of oil will completly cover the chain. Agitate the chain using a screw driver for a couple of minutes then let soak for an hour or two. You can also just let a spare chain (after cleaning the chain of course) sit in the oil until needed by closing the lid and sealing it closed with some painters tape. Great if you have a dirt bike or Go kart. You can even store a soaked and drained chain in a poly sleeve, poly sleeves can be had from packing supply stores, and this way you always have a spare ready for those competitions when a clean chain can mean winning or losing. A poly sleeve will allow clean storage of a chain in a drawer or tool box. A dirty chain will rob some horsepower from the engine with added friction from incrusted dirt making the chain stiff and hard to flex. You want to win? Always run a fresh chain.
 Close the lid of the anti-freeze chain soaking chamber.
 Use an S hook through the cable tie/zip tie to remove the chain from the oil bath. The oil is pretty pungent and using the S hook gets the chain out of the oil without getting it on your fingers. Now use the S hook to hang the chain to let the excess run off.
By placing the anti-freeze jug under your hanging point, raise the chain into position and leave it to drain for a couple of hours. This Gear oil has great clinging properties and does not run off quickly like regular motor oils will.

(End of part two) 

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