Friday, July 13, 2012

Writers Block

I've been having an extreme case of writers block. My son and I discussed my story - you know, the one every artist has so far shied away from doing the cover art for - and he asked me about the ending. You see, the first third and the ending is done and I have two thirds to go because the whole book is how it gets to the ending which could be the beginning. My son wanted to know if what he thought was what the ending page means is what it means. I told him it was left to each individuals own interpretation. He replied 'So there could be a sequel?' And I said if that's how you see it. But I've had writers block for more than a year.

He asked about the cover and I explained it to him and he said it sounded cool. But he wasn't clear about why people are scared away from the cover art, but now he understands it's not just the art but what the idea and title stands for.
I wonder if I can get the City to change the name of my street to Writers Block.
I did help a neighbor kid fix his John Deere today and that felt pretty darned good.


Trobairitz said...

Has your muse deserted you?

Hopefully she comes back soon and ends the writers block.

WooleyBugger said...


Ahh, this could be that Melpomene and Erato have taken Pegasus for a long, long ride.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Mr. Wooley:

I have been a professional writer for more than 35 years, with no other means of income. It has been my experience (for what it's worth)that writer's block is the loss of confidence in a particular project or one's ability to tell a story in a compelling way.

How do you break it?

Hold the telephone bill up to your forehead and say, "I have to pay this friggin' thing by meeting Friday's deadline." You'd be amazed at how that works. Another solution is to think, "My kid needs braces and the only way I can make that first $2800 payment is to deliver that (speech, story, article, or press release).

The great American writer Ring Lardner once said, "Put a clean sheet of paper in the typewriter and stare at it until beads of blood form on your forehead."

My new book is out at the end of August. It is my second. Details today at Twisted Roads.

I guarantee it will be out. I've been sweating blood for months.

Good luck with your literary project.

Fondest regards,

Billy Jones said...

Go out into your shop, grab a hammer and smash your thumb then write about that...

Or write about what a jerk I am for suggesting you do that.

WooleyBugger said...


My biggest problem is where I write. And it seems that what used to be my time late at night is now in conflict with a teenager in college who won't clear out of the room until 3a.m. and I have to have quiet for the flow of words. I hate when the juices get going and words come faster than I can write them and someone disturbs me or the ... ya know.


How's about I smash your thumb and write about how it swells. Of course I'll have to run fast then catch my breath to write about it.

Billy Jones said...

Run fast? From a fat boy like me? You'd more likely be out of breath from laughing and me out of breath from screaming and crying like a baby girl.