Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ripped off

Long story short. The man who began our driveway and didn't finish the job going on three months now and avoiding us but got the payment will be being sued. He took advantage while my wife was going through cancer treatments after surgery as our guard was down. He promised her to make things right by friday (yesterday) after she spoke to him and again he was a no show and no call.
I can't wait to see him. Maybe I'll get a nice picture of him as well to post on here.


Trobairitz said...

Would he sounds pretty underhanded. Hope all goes well with court. Pretty shitty of him not to come back and finish the job.

See if the Bar Association in your State has a referral system. Oregon does and anyone they refer you to will do a consult for $35. The one I work for will send a letter to people included in that $35. Sometimes just receiving a letter from an attorney threatening to sue will straighten someone out.

WooleyBugger said...

Yes, the guy is doing a job up the street now and drives by our house every day. I'm at work but my wife is home and now he just ignores us. She said he even had the gall one day to stop and ask to borrow some money. Can you believe this guy.

Thanks for the tip and I'll use it if the family lawyer won't do it.

Billy Jones said...

Sounds like you got yourself an addict.... If it comes down to it I'll come over and help you finish up. We can rent any equipment we might not have and there's nothing I can't operate.