Friday, August 24, 2012

New Tags & Registrations
Had to renew my motorcycle and truck tags today and forgot about my blasted trailer. After getting the truck inspected which only took thirty minutes I headed for the tag office. Luck again, there was only one person in the renewal line in front of me. The parking lot was full as usual when I arrived but as luck would have it everyone else was getting new tags or had tag problems. Man I was in and out of there in three minutes, it was so fast I could see my ass walking in as I left.
Here is a little tip on placing your new sticker on your tag, carefully remove the expired sticker and stick it to the inside of your wallet, then apply the new sticker to the tag. I keep the old one in my wallet so it is always handy because with all the tags on vehicles around here I can't remember them all. The sticker is easier to remove when warm but in cold weather the thing will break off in pieces, you don't want that. If it's cold outside use a hair dryer to heat the area to get the sticker off. Avoid stacking stickers over several years, it makes it easy for a thief to remove the stack without damaging the new one. Some Dick heads will steal your sticker stack to put on their expired tag.

I have to pause here, be back.

Okay, now where was I. Oh yes, the registration. We are told the registration needs to be in the vehicle at all times. How is that possible on a motorcycle? In a car I can see it better because somebody else might be a driver in the home who drives it sometimes as well. A motorcycle I doubt it. They make stash tubes for motorcycles but truly I don't recommend keeping the registration anywhere on the bike at all, it should be in your wallet.  The registration has all the information on it that you would need if the bike was stolen, plus, you don't want the thieves having that information. Who knows, later they may come to your home and steal your new motorcycle the insurance gave you money for after they kept tabs to see when you got it.

Having the registration in your car/truck has it's draw backs if ever your vehicle is towed. I remember having mine towed years ago when I was nineteen because I had parked in front of a high mounted no parking sign that had never been there before so I didn't notice it. It was also, the sign, mounted backwards. It was an area right near the river where everyone took a walking trail to the river. Anyway, my car got towed and none of the people with me saw the sign and we thought the car was stolen. The sign was mounted more the height for say a Tractor trailer rig than a car. Some old biddy in her self satisfied way came out and informed us she had my car towed.  Later at the tow lot trying to get my car back they wanted to see my registration, I said it was in the car and they said I had to produce it before releasing the car back to me, but they wouldn't let me go get it. I had to get my Pop out there to reason with them. They charged me extra for the aggravation of getting the car because I had parked with my wheels turned to the curb, steering wheel locked the parking brake set and all doors locked up. Pop said it was good that I secured it that way to keep it from being stolen, the wrecker dude said "yea, or to keep from being towed." What a Jackass. Anyway, had I had the registration in my wallet I could have avoided that hassle.
I guess the wrecker guys thought it amusing all of us guys in our swim shorts and girls in Bikini's with towels wrapped around them. All our clothes were in the car.

So what is my point on registration cards? I guess it's in there somewhere. Carry on.

("A Dollar saved is a dollar to be taxed later at a higher rate")   

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