Sunday, August 26, 2012

The New Shop

 Here's my bike in front of the circa 1935 shop.
 Billy "The Grinder" standing in front of the shop after we unloaded some equipment off of his truck. This newer addition of the building is pretty old itself. Steve "The Stripper", Billy "The Grinder" and myself are plodding along without full power yet.   
Just one thing we can do are carburetor rebuilds. Here are two Bendix/Zenith carburetors, left is uncleaned, the right is after being cleaned in the Sonic Cleaner bath with no harmful or flammable chemicals. Cleaning time, around forty five minutes.


KT Did said...

I love old brick buildings like that! Congrats!

Webster World said...

I had a 72 Supergliude with a Bendix and the choke tied open. Folks would ask "Why don't you get rid of that and get a Tilson or Macuni(sp)." I'd ask "Can you beat me?" "No". I had the Bendix and tooth smaller spocket and a shift kit and the only bike that ever beat me out of the hole was a 96in Lake Shore stroker that I sold some old 74 heads I sold him to a friend.