Monday, November 05, 2012

Friends wifes parking.

I went by to see and old friend the other day but kept going. I could tell his wife was home as her broom was parked beside the door.
Some people are fools, I'm glad I'm just an idiot.

I like pulling these little teasers when they come to mind such as asking someone; "Do you know what today is?" To which they usually reply something like for instance today "oh, ummm, Monday the 5th."  I say " Nah, it's the day after yesterday."

I know, you have to be there. These weird things just pop in my head sometimes when I'm running dangerous machines. It pays to stay alert. Take the one fellow who says "It pays to pay attention when running these things. See, after all these years I still have all ten, whoops, now make that nine of my fingers."


Webster World said...

Damn! Must have the same mindless. I worked on those machines and the only way to stay focoused was not to be there in mind.

Trobairitz said...

Good ones Wooley.

I also think of little quips and puns and foibles and when I say them out loud people just look at me funny. No sense of ha ha.

KT Did said...

Punns are always a way to brighten a day. You can't help but laugh when someone throws one at you.

WooleyBugger said...

KT Did, Lady, why oh why did you close your blog?