Friday, November 09, 2012

Visibility Is Everything

My helper is holding up both my old traditional MC Jacket in one hand and my new Tourmaster Epic in the other.
Hard to see, if at all, that on the left is my traditional leather MC Jacket at night. On the right is my new Tourmaster Epic jacket.
After a friend of ours and his friend were out riding a couple weeks ago, in the daytime, and his friend was run into and over from behind by a girl in an F150, well. The girl said she saw our friend who was wearing a jacket like this one but she never saw his buddy directly behind him as they made a turn. He was wearing a Jean jacket. So at my wifes insistance I got this new Neon Yellow Jacket and actually, though I wasn't to sure, I like it. All I have to do now is try it out riding and post a review.


Trobairitz said...

Looking good. To every season there is a change and I think that goes with our perception of riding gear as well. We must change our habits to accommodate for the people that just can't seem to see us without the hi-vis.

My Rev'it Jacket is black, my pants and boots are black. We were just talking last night that I need a hi-vis jacket.

I hope you will enjoy it. It will keep you safer I am sure. Hope your friend's friend is okay.

WooleyBugger said...

I was able to give it a try week before last. Just haven't been able to get out and ride yet like I want to give it a good trial. Funny, I'm actually looking forward to some rain to see if water proof claims are true.

If you don't get a HI-Vis jacket yet you can always wear one of those brite reflective vests. I have one I should post up a pic of.