Saturday, November 17, 2012

United States Motorcycle Industry Quest

Industry in America is going in the crapper and fast. I'm on a quest to find all the current American Motorcycle industry parts manufacturers. NOT companies who import foreign made parts or parts bought overseas, transported here and assembled under the guise of being American Made when what it should really say is assembled in the USA but actual companies who make parts right here in the US of A within our borders. Everything from the nuts and bolts, the wires, frames, levers, gas tanks, frames, engines, forks, seats, handlebars and the whole nine yards, everything. 250cc engines on up. I challenge companies to donate needed parts and components so we can prove that We Americans can still produce reliable, affordable machines on our own shores. Who will step up? Will anyone step up or are we all becoming a nation of fat, lazy let someone else do it because it's hard work bunch of Americans as the world thinks of us now. Are we the people just going to continue to roll over and let this crap continue in the direction it's going? Come on damn it, we can prove we can build something and get America Rolling again.

Let me clarify, you do not have to be some huge corporation, you can be that little guy who's making parts in his garage on your small metal lathe or milling machine. The back yard builder making frames or gears or what have you. You might be female, male, hispanic, black, white, young or old, or any ethnic back ground. Who cares. The goal is to build a traditional type motorcycle that is affordable, reliable, superb in fit and finish and actually rideable more than twenty feet. Think of it on the lines of a Hummer motorcycle or a Simplicity motorcycle, not fancy but good looking having form and function.

Now lets just see if anyone steps up. 


Trobairitz said...

My brother worked for Harley for 20 years before going to the DMV this year.

Started wrenching, then headed to parts, then eventually sales manager. He always shook his head because 90% of the parts were made overseas.

WooleyBugger said...

Is a sad fact isn't it? There are plenty of great craftsmen right here in the States to produce these parts.