Thursday, May 23, 2013

US Government drives stake through heart of Bike Business

How would you feel if you were forced to give all your food and housing and savings to someone else who had less and watched those others get fat while your own family sat starving as you are also told that now that same family needs a job so you are forced to give up yours to help them out?

I was curious about the Schwinn, Huffy, Murray and other US bicycle manufacturers to see where they are built. It pissed me off to find that our own Government Courts ruled that that cheap Chinese imports were no material threat to American bicycle mfg's thusly putting thousands of workers out of jobs. These same bicycle mfgs provided jobs for suppliers, trucking & transportation, chain makers, bicycle shops, tire mfgs and more. This is what out sourcing for cheap labor has done to our country and our own Gov'ment and corporations have sold us out down the river.

All those so called "jobs creations" and "putting people to work" is true, it's just that they don't tell you the truth about where those jobs are and who is getting them and it's not on our soil or even Americans. So how do you feel now about giving a helping hand when it is actually the hand they want and not you.

Here is the link about the demise of American bicycle jobs and where they actually come from now, and these companies had helped defend and build America back up before and after the great wars. That's a fine thank you with a dagger in the heart of America isn't it!


Dar said...

Wooley it's the same here in Canada. We have giant corporations abusing the temporary worker permit by the government and one of our biggest banks outsourced Canadian jobs and brought foreign workers to be trained by the Canadians who were losing their jobs to them. Completely sucks!

Trobairitz said...

We were out scouting new bicycles a year or so ago (never did buy any) and all the bikes were made in China or Taiwan. We were at bicycle specific shops, not a big box store so we were surprised.

We specifically asked if they sold any made in America bicycles.

We were informed that all of the frames out there were made in either China or Taiwan and that that was just the way it was. And that it was too expensive to make American made bikes.

I think companies outsourcing jobs overseas should be penalized and not rewarded.

Roger Fleming said...

I understand how you feel mate, and please dont take this the wrong way. But your country was built on free market and capitalism and as such certain rules apply. Free trade agreements now dictate our own countrys success or falue, and quite frankly no government in the world can subsidise industrys any more. Every industry most of its own accord stand on its own two feet, what has happened here is simple a by product of that.

WooleyBugger said...

Sounds like Canada is closer to being sold down the river in the same boat as ourselves.

I agree with the penalties and not rewards with our money. Our elected officials just do not listen to us. I guess it's time we start out sourcing their jobs.

Roger Fleming,
I take no offense and if you look at the current IRS scandal you can see just how citizens here are being duped on a regular basis.