Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Riding Boots

"Riding Boots". Ya know, I could tell a story about a girl in my youth nick named Boots but that isn't what I thinking of. Nope, actually I want a new pair of boots for street riding, always dug the look of lineman boots but never had a pair of them. One thing I have learned over the years the hard way was tucking in or being sure your pants are long enough to cover the laces if you have them. Ever tried to put a foot down while coming to a stop in traffic only to find a lace caught on a bit of your bike? Not a fun predicament to be in though I got lucky and my laces were not double knotted. Double knotting or not double knotting is sort of a damned if you do damned if you don't dilemma. It's best to double knot and tuck the laces back inside the top of the boot if your going that route as I have been doing...if I remember to do so.
I was thinking some time back after the rider safety course and telling my knotting story that there should be something to be able to wrap around the boot to cover the laces, something universal and not made onto the boot. There had to be something but nobody I knew ever heard of anything and I wasn't sure what to call it or to look for, until today. Now why I never though of it before is beyond me but all I had to do was look the military way and then that brought me to the thing called "Spats" as in the old days men wore all the fricken time. So now I had the name of said item and began searching around and came upon a boot maker who will actually make a pair specific to you if you like or you can get something from their already nice line of riding boots.
Now after looking around I can't decide if I want just spats or one of the great looking bad assed boots they make. Maybe you have already heard of these people but I never have. If you have then please let me know your satisfaction level before I make up my mind and shell out some bills.

here is a link for you to gander at and help me decide on these, 
or these

Now if I could just stretch my black leather pants out enough to wear again, seems they have, ummm, shrunk after all these years. Yep, that's it they shrunk in the waste.


RichardM said...

I've used gaiters from x-country skiing to cover the laces and the tops of my boots before. They work pretty well.

Kernal Clink said...

Wow! Proud of em huh? The spats are interesting though. If I wore boots with laces I would be interested in looking at those closer. Slip ons for me though. Lazy I guess, and one too many loops caught on pegs. Also the teacher of the stop light wide-stance.

Dar said...

Those are pretty snazzy.

Trobairitz said...

Nice looking boots there. I'd not heard of the company before.

Luckily I don't have laces on me boots, but I can tell you hubby (way back in the day) got his laces caught and couldn't put a foot down and his bike napped on him. I think he was in a parking lot though so it wasn't as bad as on the street.

Willy D said...

I’m interested in the story about Boots. Do you still see her? (In your dreams?)

I like your first choice, lineman boots. 16 inch Wesco’s. Great protection and ankle support.

Dean Bartosh said...

A little pricey for me but definitely nice looking boots. And custom made to your measurements to boot (no pun intended)!

Laces caught in the pegs...
Yep, been there done that. Double-knotted generally keeps them short enough to stop that now though.

Boots or spats? Spats are kinda cool just because you don't see them that often but if it were me, I'd just go for the boots. Spats would start to become a pain having to buckle and unbuckle them all the time.

mq01 said...

i never heard of this place/brand, but i love the look of 'em! they seem to be made well, but i'd like to see them in person first to be sure.

personally i prefer the lineman's over the spats, but there is a certain old style (indian) coming back (with lower price tag they say) and i can see wearing spats with that.

WooleyBugger said...

Do those gaiters get hot?

Kernal Clink,
They are pretty proud of them. I'm currently wearing my old Alpha Force Rocky's but the soles are finally wearing out. I dig the Spats, though the boots are gaining.

"Snazzy" sort of fits the style doesn't it.

I like the looks of them. And yes, the old boot loop snag is embarrassing and can be harmful to ones self.

The story of Boots might be to much for your old heart. I have pictures.
Lineman boots are still a good choice and the price isn't much different.

WooleyBugger said...

Dean Bartosh,
They are a little pricey although fitted boots are a rarity and might be worth it for the feel and long wearing. Usually my boots and shoes are perfect feel just before they wear out. The spats are so cool looking and out of the norm which makes them even better, not everyone has those babies.

They look to be well made don't they. Have to check if there are any bad comments about them on the www. The only thing about the lineman boots is all that lacing. I seem to remember some that zipped up the side like motor patrol/horse boots, part lace up at bottom and buckle for calf on up.
Indian better come out with something more affordable or else they will go the way of the previous Indian attempts.